Guest Post: Social dancing is a must!

This week I’m pleased to announce a guest article by Leon Turetsky from Leon’s Dance Studio ( ) in Newton, MA.  In addition to being a successful dance teacher and professional competitor, Leon is also highly active in the online dance community.  He is a regular on Dance Forums and frequently weighs in with sound advice for both new and experienced students.  Leon’s website, has a fantastic collection of online dance lessons.  Several weeks ago we decided to write guest posts for each other.  I highly recommend checking out his website, where my piece is posted.  Leon’s piece is below and if you like it I guarantee you’ll like his other articles and videos.

Social dancing is a must!

By Leon Turetsky from

You can take all the lessons in the world and you can practice by yourself to eternity, but without social dancing, you will never truly master dancing. I was inspired to write this article after having met several folks who take dance lessons just for the sake of taking lessons. These folks said they never went out for social dancing because they were too busy, or they had scheduling conflicts, or, excuses, excuses…

Here is the fact, going out to social dance regularly is just as important as taking dance

lessons. You need to go out and apply what you have been learning in the “real world” sort of speak. Can you lead or follow a perfectly good stranger? Can you keep your timing through out an entire song? To answer these questions you will have to go out and find out!

These public endeavors will give you a good measure of how much (or a how little) you have improved. After each outing session you should reflect on the things that you felt and adjust your lessons and practices to work on the things you need help with the most. For example, if you weren’t able to get your partner to spin during the Salsa, then perhaps you need to work on the lead for that spin. Or let’s say you kept bumping knees through out the Tango, perhaps you need help with spacing and/or body alignment in relation to your partner.

So now that I have convinced you that you need to go out social dancing, you may be asking where should I go? There are many places to social dance and I am going to talk about 3 great places that you can start with and what you can expect there.

Studio dance parties

Studio parties are by far the best places to go out dancing. Most studios have a weekly social party and some have them once a month. They are usually $10-$20/Person and tend to include a dance lesson, snacks and refreshments. The best thing about studio parties is that you already know some people from the group classes and you’ll feel right at home.

Dances you can do: All Ballroom and Latin dances. You’ll find that most of the studio parties will play a wide variety of music and you will be able to dance everything you had been learning.

Latin Night Clubs

Latin nightclubs are also great places to go out dancing. You can pretty much find a dance club open any day of the week. They run at about $10-$20/Person and usually include a free lesson. But drinks and food are extra. What’s great about nightclubs is that there are tons of people to dance with and a variety of levels. You will see beginners all the way to advanced/professional dancers.

Dances you can do: These clubs tend to play only Latin dance music. And the core dances you will be able to do are Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha Cha.


Weddings are great venues for you to do social dancing. Many people go to at least 2-3 weddings per year so why not make the most of it when you are there? The cost varies upon what you decide to give to the newlyweds but you get dance floor, food, drinks and everything else included.

Dances you can do: You will be able to dance almost all the Ballroom and Latin dances at weddings. Although some weddings may incorporate a lot of cultural music, they will still mix in popular universal music for everyone to enjoy…

I hope this article has helped you realize how important it is to go out and social dance!

Leon is a professional dance instructor in Boston area. Visit his blog to learn to dance online ( ).
If you live in Boston area, check out his dance studio in Newton MA ( ).

4 Responses to “Guest Post: Social dancing is a must!”

  1. caityrosey Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. See my most recent post for the next steps. :-)

  2. Lauren J. Says:

    Wow! This was really great info! I found a perfect studio right across the street from my house in Mesa, AZ(if you’re curious I’ll post a link!:)) and they have dance parties just like you said! I love it so much! thanks for the article!

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